Congaree Global Golf Initiative

The Congaree Global Golf Initiative was founded in 2017. Its mission is to provide underserved and well-deserving high school students who aspire to play collegiate golf access to the highest level of athletic coaching and academic tools to enhance their opportunities for success. A student’s journey with Congaree only begins at CGGI. During their college career, the Congaree team supports each student by providing an alumni network of fellow CGGI students, as well as internship and mentorship opportunities through Congaree’s Ambassadors.

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CGGI participants receive intensive training at one of America’s most acclaimed golf facilities during the one-week program. Every aspect of the student’s performance is analyzed using the latest technology under the watchful eye of world-renowned coaches. Since 2022, Congaree has also hosted in an international edition CGGI at an acclaimed course outside the U.S.

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The Schoolhouse and the learning that happens inside it are central CGGI. Expert academic and athletic advisors guide CGGI participants through the college admission process, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses on and off the course, and help them prepare for success at the high school and college levels.



The Congaree Global Golf Initiative provides students with access to world-class facilities to help them improve every aspect of their golf game.

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Congaree’s team of academic and athletic advisors, along with expert golf instructors, work hand-in-hand with CGGI participants to teach them the skills and strategies needed to excel on the course and in the classroom.

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Since its inception, students from more than a dozen countries have attended the Congaree Global Golf Initiative.