Each student comes to CGGI with unique goals, and throughout the week and beyond, CGGI advisors work closely with them to develop personalized plans to identify and realize their dreams on and off the course.


  • SAT/ACT Prep

    Advisors provide a comprehensive review of the premiere standardized tests, including practice exams and the strategies necessary for success.

  • Admissions Process

    From testing to applications, students learn about the steps required to successfully apply to college and maximize their financial benefits.

  • Resume Building

    Students learn what it takes to build a strong resume that will impress college admission officers.

  • Academic Strategies

    Advisors work with students to develop the habits and skills that will help them succeed in the classroom during both high school and college.


  • Athletic Landscape

    Advisors will help students understand the collegiate landscape, including the differences in athletic divisions and the scholarship opportunities which are available in each.

  • Athletic-Academic Balance

    Participants will learn how to balance life as a student-athlete with the academic demands of college.

  • Communicating With Coaches

    Advisors will help make introductions to college coaches and help students with communication throughout the recruitment process.

  • Portfolio Building

    Advisors will help students build a strong resume and portfolio that will attract college coaches.

Additional CGGI Program Features